1945 dodge truck

each date is a separate slide show

2 1 2018

initial check in photos

2 11 2018

vehicle disassembly, notice bonnet with bleed through rust, clearcoat damage, and a the number of paint chips

2 16 2018

underdash harness is a birds nest, we recommend a complete rewire compatible with the mopar obd II system that will be installed with the new powertrain

entire powertrain assembly has been removed with front clip, measure for and locate mopar 5.7 hemi engine with tremec t6060

notice door to door opening frame misalignment, drivers door opening is too narrow, gaps rub and chip away at the finish. passenger door opening misaligned. obviously there are no adjustments for these dimensions, both door opening will need to be spread,and create hinge adjustments

2 25 2018

in this set of photos we cut the bed to fit

we then applied an epoxy coat for adhesion

finished in an SPI double flat black and SPI scratch resistant clear

3 18 2018

we finally got all the panels aligned properly, we completely removed the old clearcoat and all loose and non bondable paint substrates, about 95% of the vehicle

after a high build primer spray and complete blockdown of the cab we broke the vehicle down for paint

in these pics big mike is shooting the final coat of primer /sealer we will let this sit and shrink for a couple of days before we apply the base color coat.

if there is to be a color change, now would be the time to decide that. i am looking forward to shooting this, it will come out really nice

6 12 2018

we re refinished the bed in a Matte black finish