3 18 2018

after a bit of a delay we finally got to this beauty

our main concern had been the condition of the rocker panels, it had the appearance of rust bleed through with small bubbles

good news is that it is not rust, this condition comes from excessive moisture, or water in the substrate, most likely from water in the airline that was used to shoot this primer

after a thorough scrub down, we removed the top layer of primer/surfacer we then shoot an ppg omni primer with a super slow urethane reducer, we allow it to sit covered for a few days before blocking it out with a 220 grit. then we will completely disassemble the vehicle, and then each individual panel gets reshot and blocked out with a 400 grit

7 10 2018

random photos no specific order.

some small repairs to right lower quarter panel. see first set of photos.

we applied the color base coats. we used a PPG Deltron DBC #1 chevrolet lemans blue with a PPG #14 chevrolet pearl. we sprayed all of the panels individually with a lock down clear coat to protect the base coats while we do the custom Yenko striping,we reassembled the vehicle and layed out the striping we used a spi triple black base coat for the stripe color.

we again dissassembled the vehicle for the final clearcoats. we used a VC5700 PPG ditzler vibrance custom clear, we allow a little cure time before wet sanding and polishing.

we also finished the wheelhouses in a SPI flat eggshell black, to match the original factory finish these vehicles had in the year 1969

10 20 2018

windshield mouldings installed after some cutting and fitting.

wiring harnesses with protective loom covering installed

11 1 2018

we had to get a set of Genuine GM mounts and brackets, with the engine now in its proper place we installed dougs headers. a real tight fit, the aftermarket mounts shift the engine to one side.

right side inner tie rod hits the oil pan, looks like we may have the wrong oil pan. i may have to pull the engine and replace the pan.