Restoration Costs

This can vary greatly depending on the level of restoration and the condition of the vehicle. As a rough idea, a "driver" type topside only body and paint could be about 300 labor hours and a few thousand dollars in materials that comes out to about $25000.00 . A turnkey restoration on a clean car with few options can be 1000-1200 hours while a rougher car with more options could be 1200-2000 hours of labor. Often a similar restoration from my past can be used for comparison to get a ballpark figure. (our hourly rate is $75.00)

  1. How much will it cost to restore my car?
  2. Can you give me a ballpark estimate on the restoration?
  3. What is the average cost associated with a restoration project like mine?

The answer to those questions are dependent on the answers to the following questions:

  1. How long will it take to get the body and frame free of rust and dents?
  2. Do you want a 100 point show car or daily driver?
  3. How many parts will it need and how long to get the parts

These are all difficult questions to answer. And in most cases can not be answered even with the car on the lift. The reason is, a car that's 30 - 75 years-old has many hidden problems. Finding them usually happens after disassembly.

Every car is different. What takes an hour to repair on one, takes 3 hours on the next. Parts for one are available everywhere, others require a more in depth search. Some parts go on like a glove, other require a slight finesse

In the end we will work with you to stay with in a reasonable budget. What is a "reasonable budget", only you can answer that. We can throw numbers around but unexpected problems always arise and are beyond anyone's control. So if a shop tells you they can do it for $XXX they will do 1 of 3 things when that run into an unforeseen problem:

  1. Cut corners somewhere else!
  2. Quit working on it and wait for you to get frustrated and come get it!
  3. Charge you more!

We charge an hourly rate, period. That keeps us from cutting corners and ultimately you end up the winner.Auto Restoration is our business. Body shops for the most part can not complete a Restoration in a timely fashion (it takes them 3 hours to do what we can do in 1) which will result in more money out of your pocket. The variables are so wide, we need to look over your restoration project and see what it needs as well as discuss the end result you’re looking for. See our restoration process and services pages to read more about our business.

below is a rough estimator, to give you a ballpark range for your project